Happy Birthday my friend Riko.
"This is box not empty!!! :p"

ireet-meta сказал(а): Hey! I didn't realize you were doing art on tumblr now but I noticed in the notes-section of an erijt post you'd hit like. I'd love to follow you, but I'm not Russian, so it gives me troubles when there's text on an image instead of typed. Is there a chance you could (at least in future posts) have the text written out for images that have words or dialog?

Yea, sure. Just my favorite artist it’s Erijt and by that I’m learn to draw, how he is. (sry is my very bad eng)

karanakia сказал(а): The color scheme is very nice... It's odd, that's become one of my favorite pictures.

Tnhx <3 I so glad that you like it :)